dog activities.

When your dog disappears from your sight for a while and you hear no noise from her, there are several options as to what she may be up to.

Option # A) She might be sleeping. If your dog is old or tired from a full and rigorous day of laying around then you might find her sleeping innocently in the house somewhere.

Option 2) She might be quietly playing with a toy or chewing a bone back in her lair of solitude, so as to not be disturbed.

Option next) There really is no option next, as there are actually very few activities dogs do other than sleep and play with toys, unless you have a Lassie type dog, who may be out saving humans from utter peril.

Option actuality) Or your dog could be doing this...

I realized the other day that Cali had been missing and way too quiet for the middle of the day and the moment I asked Amy if she had seen Cali, Amy walked into her bedroom and saw this.....Cali sitting among the remnants of what use to be a very nice bath sponge.


House Projects.

For a while Amy and I were lobbying for her mother to come up and visit. Her mom is like the female version of Bob Villa...she is very good at handiwork and we had a running list of things we wanted fixed/added to the house. First on the list was a way to hang the hammock that Amy owns. I love a hammock and if I were to have one, that would be the location I could be found in most days. I mean what better way to spend unemployment than in a hammock, though now it is quite warm (and by that I mean freakin' hot) with no shade in our yard.

Anyway, her mom finally found some time off and came to visit. She successfully completed several projects including; putting in a new kitchen faucet, painting part of the kitchen, planting some plants, and my favorite....hanging a ceiling fan in my room. My room is on the front of the house, which happens to face East and when the sun comes up in the morning it literally feels like I am sleeping in the middle of the front yard. It is so bright and so hot and I am already a very hot sleeper, so the fan is a much welcomed addition. Here is a picture...and I must also mention that Amy helped assemble (parts of) this.

We also found something in Lowes that we believed we just had to have.....a grill. We bought, assembled and then cooked on our brand new grill all in one day. This was very much a purchase on a whim, but one that I have already appreciated (all except for cleaning it.....not a fan of cleaning it).

Amy's mom assembling the grill.
The finished product
Cali enjoying the spoils of the new purchase.
The feast.

The first meal on the grill was quite good, though all the info about grilling times online was terribly inaccurate. I am not the world's best griller yet, but with time maybe I will improve.

Thank you Mrs. Becky for COMING TO VISIT and for all of your hard work! I am impressed with your skills!