You just never know...

Hokay so, my job is to see funny things and report them on here so that I can share the happiness I feel with you when I see something story worthy. Its one of those things as my good friend K Hogue would say, "You just sort a chuckle inside." I saw two such things in the same car ride tonight. NOW if I may set this up for you...
I am living in Ft. Worth, also known in some circles as "Little Mexico." There are more imigrants in just my one block than there are freckles on my arm....those of you who know me are now going "WOW, thats a lot!" So, tonight I am riding with a friend down a crowded shopping street and out of the corner of my eye I catch a moving object of Hispanic descent. It was a little Hispanic man on a scooter. Now I'm not talking a VROOM VROOM scooter or Granny's Rascal, I'm talking bend over, one foot on the ground Flintstone styling it home on a Razor scooter. Three years ago every kids gotta have one for Christmas type scooter. [Insert chuckle from the depth of the belly here]. It was awesome.
The second thing I saw was when we got on Seminary Drive (yes this is the street the seminary is on) aka: Seminary Drive By. We passed this strip of run-down ghetto stores, which is the whole of the area, and one said, "POOP DECK: dancing and drinks" [insert chuckle with inquisitive smirk here]. I don't even want to know who chose that name. I am hoping that is was just a bad translation by some Hispanic dude because if not it might be the worst named club ever.


Randomness in Ft. Worth

"Your task as a communicator is not to impress people, but to IMPACT them; not just to convince them, but to CHANGE them."

"You can impress people at a distance. But you can impact them only up close."
Dr. Howard Hendricks from Teaching to Change Lives

So, lesson number one of a seminary education..."I DON'T KNOW A DARN THING!" Yep that is right. I have been here a week and that is the thing I have learned over and over again so far. I am surrounded by people who are here because they know everything (which is funny in itself because if it were true why would we be here?) and yet in the first week you learn that you are PRIDEFUL and really dont know much of anything or either you are oblivious and totally go on believing that you do and making everyone in your classes hate you.

Anyway, I had to read this book for one of my classes, the one quoted above and it is fantastic! Everyone should read it, everyone who is going to teach, any type of teaching needs to read this book. It was so good.
Texas is still hot as not heaven, don't worry. It was about 108 and I tried to run today....IDIOT. I have only been here a week, but I feel like I have been here forever. I did meet this girl and guy randomly in the cafe the other day and they asked me to come play ultimate that night at like 9:30. It was awesome...apparently its a thursday night thing. They got nothin on the lucky ducks, but then again who does? It was a dynasty and those are hard to come by.
I still hate Texas and I miss my family and friends and Clemson, but all in all it doesn't suck too awful bad yet. Ha.

If you have gotten to the end of this I have a task for you. Find somebody random....someone you have never talked to before...maybe someone at work or whatever. Be proactive, walk up and introduce yourself...skip the small talk and ask them about thier story. Watch and be astounded at what you learn from a life, much more than you will learn in a classroom!


Who knows

"Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, "The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him." The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him; it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. It is good for a man to bear the yoke while he is young" Lamentations 3:22-27

It has become a common theme in my life as of late to have to have no idea where I am going to be from day to day. I am certainly not where I thought I would be a month ago, a month ago I wasn't where I thought I would be 3 months before, 3 months before I wasn't where I thought I would be 4 months before that....and now that I am here, I don't know where I will be a week from now. All I know is that I am not consumed. All I know is that God is faithful and great is his faithfulness. Amen and Amen

The Inbetween

They say its all about success
The daily a means to an end
But real life is experienced down in the narrows
The moments that no one expects.
The decisions you make and the ones you let die
The moments you laugh and the moments you cry
The times you feel youself walking the line between
The deepest realities and the imaginary life.
Its no means to an end
But a moment to be lived, to be owned, to be in.
If its truth you want you need look no farther
Than the moments between and the reality they harbor.
A look in the mirror to the soul of all that we are.


The funniest thing you didn't see

Similar to the pilgrims on the Mayflower's maiden voyage to North America, I came here with nothing. I have spent many days (and many dollars) searching for furniture for my room. I did purchase a bed frame and mattress the first night I got here, but couldn't pick it up till yesterday. I guarentee I orchestrated the funniest thing that happened in all of Ft. Worth Yesterday. It is funny too because I had just blogged about tieing giant inflatable animals to your car.
Thats right. I strapped a full size mattress to the top of the good ole jeep cherokee and road accross the city of Ft. Worth. The man at the mattress store laughed in my face. I felt like Chevy Chase with a mattress and a jeep instead of a Christmas tree and a station wagon. I think my good friend Katie Hogue would appreciate this image more than anyone, right Hogue? Ahhh the joys of being a freshman all over again!


I'm a eggnoramoose

In a conversation I had earlier tonight about cell phones...

Me: I wish they had voice text messaging

Erika: Thats a great idea.....but they already do, its called Voicemail.

Some would say I'm not ready for higher education, and some might be right!



"Time brings change and change takes time."
I heard this in a song today and it jumped out at me so strongly as if it was something I so desperately needed to here and understand. I have been in Texas for a little over 24 hours now, but have been circling around these same few questions that entire time and even on the ride out here; "What am I doing? Am I out of my mind? Why am I here? Is it too late to change my mind?" For the first time in 5 years I am a freshman again, walking around with my mouth wide-open as if I couldn't will it to shut, no idea what I am doing, where am I, who I am. Maybe its the heat, I mean it was 114 degrees here yesterday.
But, time does bring change and you can't stop it. You can't stay in the same place. You have to leave, move on, go, grow, find your way and those things take time. It will take time to adjust to anything new. It is simply another great adventure, who knows what God has up his sleeve, or robe or clouds, or whatever the proper substitution for sleeve would be. I'm an idiot. Pray for me, that I find my way, that I find the way the Lord wants me to go in and walk in it unabashedly.


Another Great Adventure

I am leaving home again today to start yet another adventure. It seems I never stay home long enough to catch my breath before it is time for me to be on the road again. I came to a question last night that I seem to be coming back to a lot lately. What is the obligation/importance of family? Is it important enough that you shouldn't set out on your own or perhaps move to another part of the country? So many families raise generations in the same town or state. Is it wrong to move away from that and break the mold? I in no way intend to settle my life in Texas. I hate Texas, but hopefully it will grow on me.
Anyway, if you are a praying type of person and you're feeling in the mood you could throw one up for me about this next chapter. Its a big step to go to seminary and I dont' know if it is the right one, but time will tell.


Medula Oblingatas

The other day at Litchfield beach I saw this sign posted by the pond at the condominums:
"Do not FEED or MOLEST alligators!"

I shared this sighting with a friend and he replied, "Who would feed alligators?" Fair question, but I have two better ones; 1. Who the flip would molest them? and 2. Surely there is a better word to use than molest? (some of you may have noticed this second one wasn't a question)

Today I was driving to Columbia and I saw a tiny little car, (for visual purposes lets say an old Corolla) and tied to the top was a giant inflatable alligator like the ones you buy at the beach. Now this is the interstate and speeds are fast so the thing is folded up like an "L" and all you see is the front half straight up in the air. I almost wet myself laughing so hard. A. Why didn't they think to deflate it? B. Thats just freakin hillarious

Note to Self: Attach a giant inflatable creature to your car once a month and cruise around town, when given funny looks simply stick your hand out the window in a wave that indicates you know, they know you're the stuff.


The RESET button

I have this great friend of mine, Mr. Mark Smyers. We were talking last night on the phone and all the sudden he said, "Hey what are you doing? Who knows when I will see you next, do you want to meet me halfway?" We met at a truck stop and drove out to some dirt road, popped down the tailgate and just caught up on life. That is one of his favorite things to do; to leave, just leave and drive somewhere where its just him and the stars. It is his "reset button" as he called it. So many things in my life have just been in shambles, in code I can't read, not making any sense...but that, that two hours made so much sense. I felt myself saying, "It is okay. You can do this. You can keep going."
It was so many things. It was a great memory made by friends. It was a moment of freedom from life. It was a reset for me and an assurance that I can keep going. It was a blessing. That is what friends do...they meet each other halfway.
So if you get a chance, no I take that back...MAKE A CHANCE, grab a friend, find a dirtroad and simply be still. You won't regret it.
To you my friend, THANK YOU! Have fun in Yellowstone, you will be missed!


Eggs and other Issues

Hokay so, I was watching a classic movie the other night, one I have seen many times, and I caught a wonderful quote right in the middle of it that I had never heard before. The movie was Fried Green Tomatoes and if you've seen it you will know that a lot of it is about racicism. The two main characters open a cafe and all their other hired help are "colored folk" as they call them. The colored folk have to eat out back, but they still serve to them. This angers many of the people in the town. The sheriff, Grady, (who is good friends with them) comes in and lets them know people are angry and it might hurt their business. After he leaves their little colored cook says, "It don't make no sense. Grady won't sit next to a colored child, but he'll eat an egg shot right out of a chicken's a*$.
Okay A. that is just the funniest thing I have ever heard...I laughed so flippin hard. And 2. There is so much sense in that statement about how so many of the things we do and think don't make sense. We are so stupid. We put so much effort into arguing about and avoiding things that don't matter and yet we eat eggs. So, next time you think something is unacceptable or socially important, remind yourself that you eat eggs and then see if that issue is still a big deal. We are a funny people.


The Last M-fuge Pictures

Me and Nanner (a last week slayer)
Me and Deej
Me and Kim
Me with my last week slayers
First Aid inventory will never be the same again! Never put Tiffany and I doing any job together and not expect a lifetimes worth of fun and laughter
Staff Appreciation dinner

The funnest night of my life...Marshmallow wars in Bruin Hills. Us vs. the world
Chad Ramsey, ME and my B.F.F.
Jason soliciting a dance from a woman made of titanium...she gladly accepts


Hammocks and spray on sunscreen

Another summer of Fuge has passed. What a great privlege I have to be a part of something so much bigger than me. I am not ready to write about all I have seen and heard in the last 3 months. It has been the strangest and most life changing 3 months for so many reasons. All that has happened has yet to be thought about and all that has happened deserves much thought before it can be expressed in writing. I wil only say that I drove 11 hours yesterday to fufill the dream I am now experiencing at this very moment. I am lying in a hammock at a condo at the beach. It is quite possibly a gift straight from God himself. I think I, as well as the rest of my family who I am here with, deserve this much needed vacation and i am going to enjoy every minute of it! I did sit on the beach for awhile today and discovered that spray on sunscreen works, but only on the areas you actually spray it on. 2 hours after the beach I looked like I had leprosy. Oh well.
For all of you who read this, there is much more to come. I do realize the writing has been stagnant for awhile due to camp. I will resume my regurarly scheduled blogging as soon as I sleep off the summer. Peace of Christ to you all!


When one road comes to an end
All things seem to come to fruition
I pray that I would never get to my destination
And realize I have missed the journey
Because I wearily wandered
Focused on the end
And have to sit and ponder
What might have been