New Music

If you love music and you are a person who is easily touched and moved to worship through music I have a few suggestions for you. First you must go to itunes and download the song "Glorious Day" it is on Jeff Johnson's new album and in the words of my brother in law "it doesn't suck." That song rips me apart every time I here it.
Secondly, I went down to Waco Monday night with some great friends to UBC to be a part of the David Crowder Band Cd release party and that didn't suck either, neither does their new cd remedy. You should go out and purchase this one as well. They talked about their last cd Collide and how it was all about death and the heaviness, yet victory in death and shortly after they expereined the tragic death of their pastor Kyle Lake. The new CD Remedy is the music they made coming out on the other side of that tragedy and it is amazing.


This Day- Micah Dalton

"Cruficy this day
So that I might see the way
And love your Beloved
Show your Resurection
Through the way you kill my pride
Please take control
Please take control
Let me dwell

Let your life live on through me
Let your breath breathe on through me
So that they can see in me
How you, you've loved me"


I love my job. I have the greatest job in the entire world. I get paid, quite a lot actually, to hang out with inner city kids everyday and teach whatever fun thing I can dream up. This 6 weeks that happens to be soccer (a sport I have played very little, ha) and survivor (outdoor living skills). Outdoor living skills with these kids is a trip. I gave them a mini quiz yesterday to test what they know and one question asked what the first thing you should do when you notice someone lying down injured. I gave them some options and I was listing the options one girl said (in true black girl tone) "You gotta check and see if he dead." I almost wet my pants. SO FREAKIN FUNNY! She was actually kind of right I guess if I wasn't going to be very technical. Praise God for ghetto middle schoolers.


Life can be incredibly lonley at times. I am not sure how people without the hope of Jesus survive. It is only by his light that any of this world's nonsense, begins to somewhat make sense.



I read this this morning and it is definately one of those comical moments with the over zealous disciples and Jesus. I imagined Jesus rolled his eyes as he rebuked them. What were the disciples thinking....I mean picture this happening in your local church. Read and chuckle accordingly...

"When the days were coming to a close for Him to be taken up, He determined to journey to Jerusalem. He sent messangers ahead of him and on the way they entered a village of the Samaritans to make preparations for Him. But they did not welcome him, because He determined to journey to Jerusalem. When the disciples james and John saw this, they said, 'Lord, do you want us to call down fire from heaven to consume them?' But He turned and rebuked them and they went to another village."
Luke 9:51-56


Today I am thankful for...
my sister
starbucks icecream
my professors who truly love Jesus
deep laughter with my best friend
the smell of rain


Have you ever had those moments where you doubt?...but not where you doubt God, you doubt yourself? You know with all of your heart that God is faithful and desires what is best for you...that is never the question. The question is, Do my desires cloud what God wants? I am seeking what God wants? I am able to discern if this is something God wants or simply something I want for myself? I think this is so hard. Of course what God wants is so good...but how do I know what He wants? And not his general will, that I would glorify him, that I would share his gospel, etc.....but his specfic will for my life.
This is no new struggle...it has been around as long as humanity has. I want so badly to walk in step with Jesus, I simply fear that my steps will get in the way of His. Jesus, lead me.