Cheap furniture 101

There are moments in life that make you feel good about being you. Ya know? Those moments when you know the answer to a question and nobody else does. Or those times where something is going wrong and you sweep in and with charisma (and humility of course) provide the solution every was looking for. I always enjoy the moments where someone asks me if I am in college and I get to say, "Why, I'm not in college. I am in Grad School" and I search the askers face for a sign that they are impressed.
There are also moments in life that make you feel like you should be back in kindergarten learning the basics of coloring in the lines. You think, "there is no way I'm in grad school" and "thank the Lord, nobody saw me do that." I feel as if I have more of these moments than the former. Today I set out to put together this bookshelf I got from Ikea, the world's leader in foreign, trendy, cheap furniture. They give you step-by-step instructions and they are really very simple. Its a bunch of boards, some wooden pegs and a screwdriver...a child could do this, really. So, I put this thing together, at a lightening fast speed. I took it into my room, set it where I wanted it and gasped as I saw my mistake. I had put not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 pieces on wrong, with the colorless backside facing forward. So, now I have two options 1. take it all apart (which i don't think is possible) 2. buy some paint. So much for easy assembly.


Animal lover



Maddie and Bailey

I have always been an animal lover, but recently I have noticed a drastic increase in my desire to be a pet owner. Maybe its from being out on my own away from my family pets, maybe I'm just getting older or maybe I'm just obsessed. I want a dog, but not just A dog...I want every dog I see, and cat for that matter. Every time I see a dog I say things like, "Ooh a dog" or "Look a dog" or "can I have that dog" and a myriad of other phrases. I start talking to it like its a baby. Is there something wrong with me? My sister and mom both think I should forget about youth ministry and open a dog shelter (though the two are similar in some ways, just kidding). I, along with millions of other Americans, was outraged by the Oprah special on puppy mills and decided I needed to adopt a dog and I needed to do it now. Of course I cannot because the seminary doesn't allow it, though they should. I am a frequent visitor of the Fort Worth Human Society, which is a dumb idea because I go and of course I want dogs, all of them and I can't even have one of them.
One day I will have a dog...let me rephrase...I will have lots of dogs. I think people should adopt dogs...not buy them, but adopt them. There are shelters all over the country that have pure breeds if that is what you want. Too many perfectly good dogs are being killed everyday. And the thing that gets me fired up the most is how many of the dogs in shelters are there not because they are strays, but because their owners gave them up. Why are people dumping their dogs? On Craigslist there is a whole slue of dogs being surrendered by their owners...why? Dogs are part of your family. They are a member, entrusted to you. Why would people do that to their pets?

Anyway, I want to rescue dogs from shelters. My sister and brother-in-law recently rescued a dog to add to their family. They had one Basset named Bailey and they rescued another one from the National Basset Hound rescue named Maddie! I was so excited! This dog that didn't have a home and had been shuffled around all over the place, now has a loving family. Dogs are wonderful gifts! I am itching for my chance to saev one!


Colorado and New Mexico!

The Miraculous Staircase

The Native American Market

The Oldest House in Santa Fe

Random Elk

Rocky Mountain State Park


Say "No" to School

The moment has come. The summer is ending today. Though the official season is not ending, school starts tomorrow and to me, that is the official ending. I cannot complain, however, it was an amazing summer. It was the first time I got to choose the things that I would do with my time and that was a weird experience. Although, I still feel like I am deciding what I want to do with the time and it is already over. I had a lot of fun, ate a lot of good food, traveled and relaxed. Here is a list of my summer's top happenings.

1. Colorado/New Mexico Trip with the Stuff family. I visited 2 new states (Kansas and New Mexico)
2. Watching my friend Katie Hogue become Mrs. Mark Smyers! I love them both dearly!
3. Going to the beach in Galveston, TX
4. My Birthday....the Whole thing made possible by my roommate!
5. Going to the Concert in the Botanical Gardens
6. Watching seasons of 24
7. 4th of July cookout, Catz baseball game and amazing fireworks with Melanie, Adam and Donald
8. Snow Cones....lots of snow cones
9. Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor with my students
10. Reading Books not required by school!

As school begins there are many things to look forward to and here are a few of those.

1. Being the Supervisor for my after school program
2. Houston for Labor Day!
3. Going to Atlanta to see my family on my sisters birthday!
4. Going to a Clemson game for Melanie's birthday!
5. The Coldplay Concert in Dallas!!!!!
6. Thanksgiving with the Stuff's
7. Graduation with my Master's degree!!!!
8. San Fransisco with my roommate!!!!!