My first car wreck!

I had one of life's many firsts this past Friday evening. It was my first car wreck! 24 years without a wreck and then smash! I was leaving work at around 6:00 and I pulled into the far right lane headed home on Berry. Berry has three lanes on either side and I was approaching the major intersection that crosses over I-35. The light had just turned green and my lane was smooth sailing. The other two lanes were still stalled and what I didn't realize was that some of the cars had stopped to let this lady who was coming from the opposite direction turn across our lanes into a parking lot. What she didn't realize was that I was in the far right lane. She punched the gas to speed across and just as she did there I was...CRASH!!! Suprisingly there was no damage to my car and little (minus a large amount of black on her front white bumper) to hers. She was very nice and we had a pleasant conversation, but one of the first things she said to me (in a cool London/Ghana accent) was, "I am just glad I wasn't drunk." Yes, yes I am glad about that too!


"In this world men find themselves to be imprisoned. In fact the more profoundly we become aware of the limted character of the possiblities which are optn to us here and now, the more clear it is that we are farther from God, that our desertion of Him is more complete, and the consequences of that desertion more vast, than we had ever dreamed. Thier union with God is shattered so completely that they cannot even conceive of its restoration. The life is illusion. This is the situation in which we find ourselves. The question 'Is there then a God?' is therefore entirely relevant!"
Karl Barth