Things I will miss about Fort Worth

I am on the home stretch. I have lived in Fort Worth for nearly 3 years and I am down to my final 6 days here. A lot has happened in the last 3 years and if I were honest I would have to say most of this journey was difficult. However, as I reflect back on what has happened, I am grateful for this time. I have learned a lot, and grown a lot. I had a difficult seminary experience, some circumstantial, some self-inflicted, but I am thankful that I went. The Lord used it and will continue to use it. Though I would never want to go back and relive my time here I want to make sure I look back on it and remain thankful for every thing, the good, the bad and the ugly, because God does use everything for good.

So...what will I miss as I leave this place? Here are just a few things.

1. My kids/job at Morningside. I have had that job since a week after I moved here, 3 years. It is at the top of the list of things I am thankful for.
2. Trinity Trails- This is my favorite place in Fort Worth to run, to walk, to visit, to find peace.
3. The Botanic Gardens- Soooo pretty
4. The combination of no humidity and temperatures from 65-90 degrees because it feels AMAZING outside.
5. People I love at Mckinney church; my students and former co-workers.
6. The Village Church- God is powerfully moving in that place and I am so grateful for attending.. Praise God for podcasts
7. La Familia (best mexican), Babes Chicken (Best food), Taste of Asia (Best Asian), Milano's (Best local Italian)
8. Sprinkles Cupcakes on Dallas days
9. The drive from my house down University...its beautiful
10. Central Market- It's not a grocery store, it's an experience.


The Swine Flu Vacation

I had the last month of my time in Fort Worth planned out perfectly. The last week in April, I didn't have work because of TAKS testing so my roommate and I drove down to Houston late Tuesday night the 28th because we had scheduled Henry and Cali's spay and neuter for Wednesday morning. We were going to stay a few days and drive back on Friday for a Fort Worth after school event on Saturday. Then at some point in the days following she would leave and go back to Houston pretty much for good and I would stay in Fort Worth for 2 weeks until the move.

We get to Houston, the surgery is a success and then on Thursday....BAM.....the SWINE FLU. All of FWISD is shut down and I can't go to work. I said many times that if I had known I would have had 2 full weeks off of work I would have planned a fun trip...I mean how often does that happen? And that is when it hit me, I still have over a week.....I could take a trip. So, my roommate and I got on Priceline and found two amazing deals, one to Boston (which I had never been) and one to Chicago (which she had never been). Boston won, and off we went. We bought the tickets on Sunday and left at 6:00 a.m. the following morning. We spent three nights in a really nice hotel...so fun.

We had no time to research Boston, so we just kind of figured it out as we went along.

Monday. The first day we walked a TON. We went to the beautiful Public Gardens and Boston Commons.


And the oldest restaurant in the country...

Tuesday was very rainy. We decided to sleep in some, start the day off with Dunkin Donuts and head over to Harvard.
This is me touching John Harvard's toe. Apparently it is the thing to do.
For lunch we went to the No Name Restaurant. We had seen it in several reviews for good seafood. I really liked it. It was on the harbor.

Wednesday we went to Finagle a Bagel for breakfast

Then we went on the Freedom Trail. It took several hours to walk the whole thing, but it was very neat.

We saw Paul's Revere Tomb...
The graveyards were amazing. Some tombs were from the 1600's.

This is the Paul Revere House. It is where he set out from on his famous midnight ride.

This is the Old South Meeting House, where famous historical meetings were held.

On Wednesday night the Boston Red Sox were playing at home so we decided to scalp some tickets. We set a price window and on our third attempt we bought two tickets. It was crazy. The place was packed. Bostonians really like their sports. It was the highlight of the trip for me.