Transition, transition, transition

June 8th was my last day at the Boys and Girls Club. The Boys and Girls Club was a great place for me for the last year and a half. I loved, loved, loved working with my kids and it made me very sad to leave them, I loved working with my co-workers, and I truly believed in the impact that can be made in an after-school program world.  I really did love what I did there and so it is hard to walk away from it, even if I believe that the path I am walking in is the right one.  The schedule was such a tough one for me.  Working until 8pm everyday was wearing on my soul. It has been so difficult to plug-in to church or community, or even be involved in anything at all.  I will not miss that.  My soul already feels a great deal of freedom having my afternoons free, and not only that but my evenings.  I have actually had to retrain my brain to understand that I am free to do things most any night I want.  

 I started the Masters of Teaching program at Georgia State in January.  Through my amazing sister the Lord provided a Graduate Research Assistantship, which means my tuition for the summer is paid for and I get small (very small) monthly stipend.  There is the possibility that this will continue through the fall...possibly even the spring, which is unbelievable because that is $5000 a semester.  
In May I will graduate with a teaching certification to teach Middle Grades and even though I hope to teach and coach in 2014, I am open to whatever might happen.  I want the option to teach and I feel like I have been circling around this since college, and I finally feel like I have the opportunity to make it happen.  So we will see.  I am starting my second week of summer classes and so far so good.  I am enjoying classes--I have always enjoyed school (which is a good thing since I keep going back).  I am nervous and anxious about not having a full-time job, but I also have a peace about where I am headed.  More importantly, I think that for me, the Boys and Girls Club, in some way, represented the “aftermath” of losing my job at Grace.  It was a welcomed provision of a job, which I was very thankful, but I think it was just that.  I now feel like I am actively pursuing a future...my future, instead of just reacting to what has happened around me.  So we will see what happens next.
As I have taken steps in this direction, the Lord has provided for me and I believe he will continue to do so.