"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[m] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 8

No matter how far you've been, no better how close you've come, you've never been any closer or further away from God than you are at this very moment. He is always there. He has always been there. He will always be. Nothing we do can make him love us less! Nothing!! Nothing!! If only we could grasp that. I want to be convinced of that always. I want to claim this truth over my life and walk in it.

How do I know that God loves me?...because I am convinced that I have the greatest job in the entire world! If God can do what he did through me this summer with my life in absolute turmoil like it is, then He is real! I am convinced that nothing can seperate me from the love of God and his desire to pour it out through me!



I had an amazing moment of peace last night. I saw the first sunset I have seen all summer. I drove to Knoxville on Friday after evals for a friends wedding and as I was driving back last night, down out of the moutains the sun was setting. I crossed over the Tennessee river and the sky was filled with pinks and blues and I just wanted to stay there. Those are the things I miss the most, the simple things. I miss having time to sit and be still, to watch, to listen, to read, to feel the wind on my face and know that God is there.
It was a simple, yet effective reminder that whether or not I see it, the sun still sets. It has been setting and it will continue to set. That is God. He rises and sets with me whether I see him or not. His beauty is displayed whether I see it or not.


I love my SLAYERS!!!

This is me and my director.....in funky glasses


Me and some of my slayers
Me and Andy
Tiffany had one of those big boxes of sprees like from a movie store and after agreeing that neither of us liked them we decided to see how many we could fit in our mouths....we each took half of the box...it was sick

Me and Tiffany
My slayers decorated my van affectionatly known as "Moldie Goldie", they decorated my car and they put pink flyers up all over campus...about 30 flyers to be exact.

So...we had staff Christmas week and we had a secret Santa and each day had a theme. One of those days was white elephant gift day....so of course....i made my person, D.J. a giant stuffed white elephant! It was amazing and over the top.
This is D.J. cuddling with his elephant before he knew I was his secret santa


Allison (my roomie) and Alys
ME and some of my slayers

I attempted to draw a picture of a pony and this is Marianne and I acting out what it looked like. 4 of us tried to draw it and it still turned out like a creature from mythology.


Staff Appreciation Night

We had a carnival at Easter Seals Disability camp....this is the giant jousting ring they rented!

Some more of my Slayers
Carra Jayne now Rathbun came to camp this week with her new husband. I worked with her last summer and she was "My Favorite!"
So my students this week were pretty much amazing. They made me a banner that said "You rock our socks off and they each taped socks to the bottom. How funny is that?


Happy Independence Day

Me and Tangelo....yeah for Watermelon
A.J. and D.J.
Week 4 Slayers



What will it take for us to look outside ourselves, for us to see something other than our own needs? When will we realize that the story did not start with us, nor will it end with us? We are but a vapor, a mist; our lives will wither like flowers. When will we open our eyes and see the needs of those around us, the hard work of those around us? What will it take for us to stop loving the idea of ministry and actually minister?


So, this is what we do with our excess bread....A fellow staffers car....so funny!
Week 3 SLA group

Yes, this is one pair of pants